Analyzing a Cultural Practice

What is the essay about?

You will pick one cultural practice and write a research essay about it that utilizes anthropological concepts and theories to explore its function in society. Essays should illustrate your knowledge of anthropological concepts and theories, and your ability to utilize them in critical thinking.

Essay requirements:

  1. The cultural practice should be clearly described.

    *What society is this practice found in/originating from? What does the practice involve – material or non-material culture, symbolism?

  2. The cultural practice should be rationalized using the anthropological perspective. This means your essay should utilize the holistic, comparative, historical, and cultural relativist perspectives to explain it’s function.

    *What function or purpose does it serve? Are other areas of social life impacted? Is this practice rational within the cultural context?

  3. Must use a minimum of 2 academic sources (textbook chapters, articles from library or google scholar).

  4. Essay Length: 4 – 5 pages of text, double spaced. There is no word count requirement.

    *One or two images, providing they are useful in meeting the essay objectives are allowed.

  5. Essays should follow a standard essay format (introduction with thesis statement, body paragraphs, conclusion). *Section headings are allowed if needed.

  6. Essays should have a title page, correct spelling, punctuation/grammar, and APA citations with a works cited page. You do not need to provide an abstract.



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