Art Question



Spirituality, community, and the mystery of physical and symbolic spaces are major themes in art and architecture. For this project, you can experience a sacred space in person OR through a virtual visit. If in person, visit a church, mosque, synagogue, temple, or community site—any physical place that has a sense of sacredness and transcendence and is used by many people in a spiritual way. The chosen site must be visited within the time frame of this course. Please note that many people find nature to be sacred, but if choosing an outdoor site, there must be some human-constructed element (e.g. a labyrinth, stone structure, outdoor church, etc.) This is an art course and because art is human-based, there must be some element of human design and intervention. We are using the term “sacred” very broadly here, so the location can be a place that is particularly special for an individual or a group of people, not necessarily connected to organized religion. A list of potential sites in and around Harrisonburg are attached, but the space does not have to be local.


If you’d rather virtually visit a sacred space, that is fine during the pandemic. You are welcome to visit a website of a sacred space and virtually tour or watch a video that tours a sacred space. Below are just a handful of options, but you can explore another sacred space of your own choosing. If you have any question about what to visit virtually, contact me and I’ll give you some feedback. For the paper, you can still address many of the questions. Instead of providing a photo of you in the space, please provide at least one image as well as the URL address of the space that you visited.

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