BL1013 – Biosciences in Practice

BL1013 – Biosciences in Practice

Description – Essay: The interdisciplinary nature of bioscience

You are requested to write a 1500-word report, where you should explore multiple aspects of bioscience, relating it to specific areas of knowledge.

You are presented with a challenge related to biosciences and are given 5 potential professions/expertises that are involved in finding a solution. Out of these 5, you will have to choose 3, and address the following questions to each one of the chosen professionals/expert.

  1. The main focus (background) of that profession and why it is important on the given problem;

  2. The potential approach the professional can take in that situation. Please include an example;

  3. Techniques that may be used and why;

  4. What are the conclusions/answers/support/help/service the professional/expert can provide in this situation? Please contextualise it with the previous items.

We suggest you to use approximately 400-450 words per profession/expertise, sharing them approximately equally between the requested questions. You would have approximately 150-300 words remaining for the final conclusion.



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