Business Law Question

Sole Proprietorship unlimited Liability fictitious name doing busines as d/b/a

Personal liability general partnership contribution partnership agreement

Service in kind equity fiduciary duty duty of good faith duty of obedience

Duty of care transferability of interest limited partnership capital contribution

Winding-up or winding down process dissolution bankruptcy perpetual existence

Board of directors officers president vice president treasurer secretary

Principal agent ordinary transactions extraordinary transactions

Incorporation articles of incorporation debt financing equity financing

Par value common stock preferred stock closely held corporation

publicly traded corporation foreign corporation professional corporation

nonprofit corporation hostile take-over right of first refusal

franchise piercing the corporate veil business judgement rule

limited liability company certificate or organization

active member passive member

agency principal agent fiduciary relationship

independent contractor third party expressed authority implied authority

apparent authority power of attorney estopple agency by ratification

respondent superior frolic and detour use of discretion and control

Duty of performance duty of notification duty of loyalty duty of obedience

duty of accountability self-dealing snaping up the opportunity snapping up the clients

duty of cooperation duty to provide safe conditions duty of compensation indemnification

duty of reimbursement contractual liability tort liability criminal liability

disclosed principal partially disclosed principal undisclosed principal

joint and severally liability tort negligence termination of agency relationship

Corrupt Foreign Practices Act void voidable executed contract executory contract

Present consideration future consideration past consideration material breach

Partial performance substantial performance fraud sham consideration

Discharge of contract damages compensation damages lost profit damages recission

specific performance perfect tender rule

Offer and acceptance general offer limited offer consideration

Counteroffer mirror image rule strict acceptance open terms contract

Future agreements statute of frauds promissory estopple mutual mistake.580MT2

Promisor promisee promise

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