Business Question

This is a formal, individual assignment. The Grading rubric is posted below.

Use the Generic Case Study Guideline also posted below. I ask that you use the guidelines as just that, guidelines. Not all sections will apply to your case. You may add sections if you feel it is helpful to make your case. You may choose to focus more on some sections over others. The big thing I am looking for is YOUR analysis of the situation and what YOU would do or would have done. Be able to defend the analysis and the materials submitted.

Please, NO BOOK REPORTS! I’ve read the cases, what I am looking for is your personal analysis of the strategic decisions, what the management team might have done differently to make for a better outcome, and what you would have done if you were in charge. I will assign the cases in a separate document or in Canvas under an associated post. You should use additional resources to support your position and those resources must be academically cited using APA 7th edition style guide with in-text citations and a bibliography.

I will not set a minimum word or page count. Say what you have to say. Say it well and completely, and professionally, but do not add unnecessary verbiage.

Use Grammarly to check grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Strong emphasis will be placed on your ability to produce a professional document clear of errors.

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