BUSS-B 2006: Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation

Assignment Tasks
1) task 1- proposal ( 10 Marks)
Submit a work proposal for this assignment or before 29/03/2021 (23:59) which must include:
 Understanding of deliverables – a detail description of deliverables.
 General overview of proposed plan – initial understanding of solution to task2.
 Timeline for completion of the given tasks.
 The approval form for the chosen Omani entrepreneur.
The work proposal must be submitted in a word file through the link available in Moodle.
2) Task 2-main assignment consist of 4 parts (90 Marks)
You need to answer the following questions and provide a proper citation if needed.
Part 1: (20 marks)
Being an entrepreneur means you are acquiring certain skills and abilities. Briefly
describe the meaning of entrepreneur and any 4 different skills an entrepreneur must
has to be successful. (Max.400 words)
Part 2: (20 marks)
Explain 3 types of businesses and list 4 advantages and disadvantages. (max. 400 words)
Part 3: (45 marks)
Choose an Omani entrepreneur that you see as your role module (can be father,
brother, member of the family, or any SME entrepreneur) and write about his or her
success. (You need to take approval from your instructor before start writing).
You need to mention the following:
 The background of the entrepreneur.
 The background of the business.
 The challenges faced to start the business.
 The support received during the process of starting the business.
 The contribution the business give to the community.
 What makes this character to be your role module?
 Do you see yourself as entrepreneur? Support your answer by the chart from
the class activity of PEC.



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