Case studies presentation

Part 1
1. Write an essay with your group about your topic (Look at AT4 example)
2. Make your slide presentation (12-16 slides)
Part 2
Audience Analysis
Write a paragraph to answer the 6 questions:
1. Who is your audience ?
2. Why do they need to know this information?
3. What education level do they have ?
4. Are they experts in your topic?
5. How did you present the information?
6. What information did you include in your presentation?
Part 3
Participation report
Write a paragraph to answer the 4 questions:
1. What did you do to participate during preparation of the slides?
2. How did you participate in the delivery of the presentation?
3. How did you and the other members of your team interact
productively to produce the presentation?
4. What differences of opinion were there when your team began to
work together and how were these differences resolved?



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