CHM135 Heat transfer between solutions and energy released during neutralization simultation

Part I: Determining the Heat Capacity of a Calorimeter
2. Prepare a plot of temperature versus time for the calorimetry reaction between NaOH to HCl using
the Excel data provided. Include the lines used to extrapolate the final temperature.
3. Complete the table below using the data provided in the assigned Excel sheet for the reaction of
HCl and NaOH.
�! of HCl and Calorimeter (°C)
�! of NaOH (°C)
�” of HCl, Calorimeter and NaOH (°C)
4. What is the limiting reagent of the reaction between NaOH and HCl described in this section and
how many moles are present?
5. Use the value for DH°H3O + OH from Part B and the moles of limiting reagent in question 3 to find
the heat (qreaction) released by the NaOH and HCl neutralization reaction. Be sure to include units.
6. Calculate the heat capacity of the calorimeter in J/°C. Assume CACID = CBASE = CWATER = 4.184 J °C-1
. Note, we expect a value between 10 – 200 J/°C. If you get a negative value, or a number
significantly outside this range, check over your calculations or your line of best fit. This value will
be used in later calculations. Be sure to include units.



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