Communications question

You have been asked to head a Task Force to research the feasibility and potential of a new recycling and energy conservation program at your company or university. Your supervisor wants to know whether going green would be an overall benefit to the company. Your report should include the following areas of research:

1) Use of paper—how much paper is purchased and consumed by the company, which departments use the most paper, what the current recycling efforts are, the benefits of targeted recycling system, how much of the current paper usage could be eliminated (and money saved) by transitioning to a mostly-digital policy. Support your findings with research and numbers.

2)Energy costs – how much electricity is consumed monthly or yearly by the company/campus, how usage breaks down by department or specific task, areas in which energy could be conserved.

Remember to structure each area with sub-headings to present your findings.

Other areas to be addressed in the report:

  • Similar businesses or campuses that have successfully adopted “green” programs, and details showing benefits and saved costs

  • Possible partnerships with the community to spread awareness about environmental responsibility and education, opportunities to create goodwill and educate the community.

  • Specific, targeted recommendations and projected dates to roll out the project incrementally.

  • Appendices (at least 2) that provide copies of research that you’ve found indicating the likely success of adopting this policy.

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