Composer trading card

(composer trading card) The following formatting rules must be followed:

  • Typed w/12pt professional font (if you have to ask, it’s not professional)

  • Complete, collegiate level sentences

  • Correct spelling and grammar

  • Double spaced

  • 1″ margins all around

  • Writer’s information in the following format in the top right-hand corner on the first page:

    • First Name Last Name

    • Course

    • Assignment

    • Instructor

  • Writer’s last name in the header (omitted on the first page)

  • Page number in the footer (omitted on the first page)

The first portion of the project is listed below:

Think of your favorite musician/band/group. You are going to do some research on this person/band/group.

With your chosen musician/band/group, you are going to create a biographical essay over that person/band/group. In your essay, you will need to cover the following:

  1. Who is the person/band/group

    1. Dates (Birth-Death)

      1. Where/when were they born

      2. Where/when did they die

    2. Where did they go to school

    3. What/Who influenced the person/band/group

    4. Career Information

      1. What albums have they released, and dates

        1. List the “Top Ten” based on your opinion

      2. Have they won any awards?

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