Congestive heart failure patients discharge education list

develop a one-page health education document for a patient. This piece of health education material should reflect best practices (plain writing, appropriate readability, etc.) outlined by national health organizations (CDC, AHRQ, NIH, and Joint Commission).. Gather information on diet and CHF (basically what to eat and what not to eat) a Do and Don’t type list

The health education material should target a specific audience and can be on a topic of your group’s choice. Examples for consideration include, but are not limited to

  • an infographic,

  • one-page discharge instruction sheet,

  • handout for patients who are frequently readmitted, or

  • medication review.


    When developing your health education material keep in mind the following minimum requirements:

    • Your writing is in plain language.

    • The readability score (using either Flesch-Kincaid or SMOG) is between grades four and six and matches literacy level of target audience.

    • The material incorporates graphic design principles that improves reading.

    • The material is culturally appropriate for the target audience.

    • The material utilizes a creative approach.

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