Cyber Security Question

Project Description Form (PDF):  MSc Information Security

How to complete this form?

This form should be completed and submitted before the end of the second term.  Students should meet their supervisor at regular intervals during the term to discuss the scope of the project and the initial literature review.  Drafts of the form and the literature review may be submitted to the project supervisor for review during the term, as plans for the project evolve.  Apart from completing this front page, text should be provided under each of the four headings given after the declaration section below.

An initial project literature review should also be prepared, again in consultation with your supervisor.  The form will use a standard project front page.  If at any stage the project deviates significantly from the description given, then the student must discuss this with their project supervisor and, if necessary, complete a revised form.

Royal Holloway encourages research of the highest quality by ensuring that research ethics and good practices are followed. If the proposed work raises any ethical issues, ethical approval must be sought in advance.

Student checklist

  • A copy of this form must be completed, and submitted (via email) to your project supervisor for their approval. They will acknowledge and confirm their approval by responding to your email.

  • A copy of the project literature review should also be sent, attached to this form.



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