Databases presentation


1.Assignment Aims

This assignment allows you to focus on two current database products. You will explore two systems in more detail, and develop tutorials that show of their strengths, and explain their most appropriate applications.

2.Learning Outcomes:

4. Elicit and conceptualise stakeholder needs.

5. Use a range of modelling techniques to produce effective designs for non-

relational databases.

3.Assessment Brief

The module will introduce you to at least seven current commercial database

systems. These include both relational and “NoSQL” databases .In this

Choose two current widely available database products and develop paper-

based demonstration tutorials for each one.The tutorial should briefly explain

a suitable use case for each DBMS and then show clearly how to create and

query a database. If you wish, one of your chosen DBMSs can be relational,

but not both.

You may use any DBMS that is available to you (if in doubt, consult the

module tutor).You will need a working version of the DBMS, and this (along

with ease of installation) may influence your choices.

You are free to use one or more of the case studies you described in the

reading assignment. Indeed, this is probably the easiest way to proceed.

You should submit two tutorials, totalling approximately 1000 words.

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