Databases question

Design an ER diagram for Bank database that should reflect the following requirements:

Each bank has a unique ID, name, and headquarter address. Each bank has many branches, and for each branch we need to keep the branch ID (unique within the bank but not unique across different banks), location and telephone number.

Customers can have many accounts at the same branch or at different branches. An account has a unique account ID, type (E.g., saving, or checking), currency (E.g., dollar, euro), and balance.

A customer can take many loans from different branches, however there are a restriction that a customer cannot take more than one loan from a given branch in the same year. For each loan we need to keep the loan amount and the year.

Each customer has a SSN (unique ID), name, address, and DoB properties.

We need to capture the transactions done by each customer over each account. We capture the type of the transaction (E.g., either withdrawal or deposit), the transaction time, and the amount.

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