Discussion board.

(1). How does Frankl’s account of logotherapy stand out from Freud’s account of psychotherapy and Adler’s account of self-empowerment?

(2). Pick one dimension of logotherapy (work, love, or courage in suffering), and apply this dimension to your own life. Use yourself as an example to explain how Frankl believes that deep meaningfulness in life carries a self-transcendent quality, rather than a purely introspective or navel-gazing quality (see the “What’s worth wanting?” handout to make sure you’re on the right track. You can find a copy of this handout on the files section of Canvas as well).

(3). Why does Frankl think that contemporary culture has experienced a loss of meaning? How is this loss of meaning related to individualism? Do you think that radical forms of individualism can lead to a loss of meaning/identity as Frankl says? Why or why not?

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