NOTE: Before you start answering the questions, please use your own words and avoid plagiarism at all. All the answers are in the textbook.

Q1. To compete more effectively, your organization is considering a profit sharing plan to increase employee effort and to encourage employees to think like owners. What are the potential advantages and disadvantages of such a plan? Would the profit sharing plan have the same impact on all types of employees? Is the size of your organization an important consideration? Why? What alternative pay programs should be considered? (CH10)

Q2. Your company plans to build a new manufacturing plant but is undecided where to locate it. What factors would you consider in choosing in which country (or state) to build the plant?? (CH11)

Q3. What types of skills do you need to be able to manage in today’s global marketplace? Where do you expect to get those skills? What classes and/or experiences will you need?? (CH15)

Q4: Why are many managers reluctant to coach their employees? (CH9)

Q5. Why have the roles and activities of the HRM function changed over the past 20–30 years? What has been driving this change? How effectively do you think HRM has responded? (CH16)

Q6: How might imaging technology be useful for recruitment? For training? For benefits administration? For performance management? (CH16)

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