Diversity Instructional Program

For this assessment, use what you have learned to:

  1. Identify a problematic diversity issue, something that is not working in an organization with which you are familiar. It could be a racial, ethnic, gender, or disability issue, or you might choose a combination of issues, such as a biracial or bicultural situation.

  2. Describe the situation in detail.

  3. Using what you know about yourself, diversity groups, various cultures, and the organization, identify diversity factors impacting the individuals in the organization.

  4. Target your audience and develop a 30-minute instructional program to initiate self-awareness development for the people in the organization. Focus your program on the particular diversity issue you identified. If applicable, use relevant graphics to illustrate diversity between the groups involved in the diversity issue. Note: Refer to PCCB 1200 Professional Communications learning app for presentation best practices.

Your presentation should include the following:

  1. Title Slide

  2. Introduction: Identify and discuss the problematic diversity issue. (1–2 Slides)

  3. Training (8–10 Slides): Develop in your participants:

    1. Awareness of self. You might think about how this was developed for the Assessment 1

    2. Positive awareness about the problematic diversity issue. You might think about how this was developed for the Assessment 2

    3. Awareness of group differences within the organization. You might think about how this was developed for the Assessment 3

  4. Conclusion: This is the beginning of a journey. Your conclusion should encourage people to resolve difficult diversity issues. (1 Slide).

  5. Resources

  6. Format: Narrated PowerPoint presentation (ppt, pptx, pdf)

  7. APA Style

  8. Length:

    • 15 slides

    • 15–20 minute audio recording of presentation

    • Script:

      • 300-word description of the scenario

      • 175-word written script for each slide (10–11 pages)

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