Economics Question

I will send you a link to go in using the username and pass word that I will be giving you later on. Then you click on Courses and pick Ca-163-1128 Food purchasing. You will Modules and go down to class 8:final which will have a list of things and you see it saying 8.1 Final Exam. Then you click on the test which will direct you to the test and start by clicking the button that says start quiz.


1) This is an open-note exam. HOWEVER–you get only ONE attempt, the questions are randomized, and you are TIMED. This means you will NOT have time to look up every question and to be successful you should study the material prior to taking the test.

2) You have 50 minutes to complete this 50 question exam (1 minute per question). Your exam will automatically submit when the time has elapsed.

3) Exam questions are multiple choice and true/false.

4) You are presented with questions one-at-a-time and may NOT back-track to previous questions. You don’t need to see previous questions to answer the present question–you should answer each question using your own knowledge with limited assistance from your resources.

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