Education & Teaching Question

  1. Explain the safety precautions that are necessary for early childhood classrooms. Include descriptions related to poisonous substances, sun safety, and fire safety measures. Include information about how medical emergencies should be handled. (chapter 11 (paragraph 4)

  1. List the various types of child abuse and research online to include statistics about abused children. Describe behavior patterns exhibited by emotionally abused children, signs of physical abuse and neglect. Research the internet, (.org or .edu websites), for the process that school employees must follow reporting child abuse to the authorities (chapter 11) (paragraph 5)

  1. Research for safe and instructional outdoor materials in your text and the internet. Using the information you gather, describe the outdoor play area you would design, explain why you selected the described materials and explain the organization of the outdoor area. Make sure to include the turf you would use and how you would store the outdoor materials. Include research of the types of sandboxes and other educational play equipment that are available from early childhood and preschool equipment sources. (chapter 9) (paragraph 3)

  1. For your first paragraph (Introductory paragraph) focus on areas of personal/professional interest related to the appropriate care, health and safety of young children. In this paragraph, include your own life examples and experiences, cite chapter 17 to support your perspectives. Topics for your first paragraph can include handling daily classroom routines.

  1. For your last paragraph (Concluding paragraph), focus on the value of free play activities that include quality teacher supervision. Include descriptions of high quality communication between teacher and families and teachers and children.

  1. Remember to use your textbook and the internet and make sure to cite your sources on the Reference page and use APA in-text citation throughout your essay.



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