Engineering Question

1) In your opinion, which one of the five (5) ethical origins discussed in class (logic, religion, conscience,
biology, or emotions) is most influential? Why? In concept, briefly explain the difference between your
selected most important ethical origin and a professional code of ethics.
2) List three (3) of the most important personal values in your life along with a ranking of their relative level
of importance. Did/do you have a choice of your three values and their source? Why or why not?
3) Past experience in this class shows that all five (5) ethical origins are essentially identified equally and so
have a lot of people with each view. Past experience also suggests that important personal values vary
considerably from person to person. How might these facts complicate development of a coherent,
beneficial ethical approach to the challenges facing humankind? Propose one approach to solve this
dilemma so humankind can advance morally, peacefully, and happily.
4) Define any two of the four minor ethical theories discussed in class (cultural relativism, ethical
subjectivism, psychological egoism, and ethical egoism). For each, provide an example which
demonstrates that the theory is valid (or helpful or applicable or strong enough) to benefit humankind and
an example which demonstrates that the theory is not valid (or not helpful or not applicable or not strong
enough) to benefit humankind.



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