ENGL 141 – Writing About: Race

Discussion Leaders pose compelling questions arising from the reading for the given day to the
class. Discussion leadership includes submitting your narrative on Blackboard and then leading
class conversation on the reading for the day you’ve been assigned. Your assigned day can be
found on the course schedule on Blackboard. You must submit your narrative correctly and on
time, and successfully guide our class through discussion in order to receive credit for the task.
Narrative Criteria:
§ The narrative must be typed as a Microsoft Word Document and must be at least
one full double-spaced page in length, though you may exceed this within
§ The narrative must be formatted according to MLA/APA standards: A heading/title
(MLA) or title page (APA), running head (APA), double-spaced (both), Times New
Roman – 12-point font (both), page numbers (both), properly formatted in-text
citations (both).
§ The narrative must be divided into three paragraphs (do not number them)
addressing the following, respectively:
– What stands out to you about the reading.
– What you’d like to know more about if you were to do additional research on
the subject addressed in the reading.
– What questions remain (Your discussion questions*; a minimum of two).
Contextualize the questions, i.e., point to the place in the text your questions
emerge from (include a page number and quote as needed), and address why you
feel these questions are important to discuss/find answers to.



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