English writing question

  1. Text bookChoose a story or poem from the list provided by your instructor

  2. Locate a scholarly article from the Library Database or Google Scholar about the story or poem. See the video tutorial for locating a scholarly article in the library databaseHere is a video for locating scholarly articles through Google Scholar. Interested in learning more about research. Here is a link to this semesters Student Workshops: Explore the Library.

  3. Download and Save the article to your computer

  4. Read and Annotate the Article Electronically (take notes) Adobe tools (for PDF files). See the video tutorials for Annotating in Word and here is one for Annotating a PDF.

  5. Summarize (restate in your own words) what the author of the article is saying about the story or poem.

  6. Use Graff’s (textbook) format for summarizing the ideas of others (scholar’s last name + accurate verb + their idea restated in your own words). One or two complete sentences per paragraph should be sufficient.

  7. Resave the annotated and summarized article on your computer so you do not lose it.

  8. Upload the saved file to the BlackBoard dropbox.


  • You are not annotating and summarizing the story or poem; you are summarizing what the scholar is saying in the article about the story or poem.

  • This article must be about the story or poem that you have chosen to perform your research over.

  • This will be the first of your 6 articles/sources for your literature review. For information on the literature review, see Unit 4.topics

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