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watch a video and read a question then answer the question it’s easy 1-2 sentences for each question ,

Assignment (20 points) 

Watch the “Above the Noise” video (posted on Blackboard) in groups of 2. Then, as a group, answer the following questions. Each person must submit their assignment individually, but please put both your name and the name of your group partner/s at the top of the page.

Due before the end of class.

Questions on the video (1-2 sentences each)

1) Stop the video at :53 and study the graphics: ​What do they mean? (Note: MT stands for metric tons)

2) Stop at 1:20:​ Review what microfibers are and where they come from.

3) Stop at 2:03: ​Discuss why plastics (and microfibers) don’t break down completely.

4) Stop at 3:07: ​How do microfibers affect marine life?

5) Stop at 4:41: ​What are some ways that microfiber pollution could be prevented through regulation? Make a list of the ideas that were presented.

6) Stop at 5:15: ​How could bacteria play a role in reducing microfiber pollution?

7) Stop at 5:31: ​What are some ways that individuals could help prevent microfiber pollution?

General questions. Read the short Article on BB as well; #9-10 could be based on the video and/or article (~2 sentences each)

8) What most surprised you from the Above the Noise episode?

9) What did you learn?

10) What concerns you most about microfiber pollution?



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