Finance discussion forum questions

Discussion Forum 1 Questions: The Millionaire Next Door” Please Read Introduction and chapters 1-3

  1. Explain the following four concepts addressed in The Millionaire Next Door:

  1. “Big Hat, No Cattle”

  2. “Go to H*** Fund”

  3. “PAW”

  4. “UAW”

  1. What are the two concepts that you found most useful? How will you apply them into your life? In your own words, give your thoughts in a minimum of two paragraphs.

  1. As a group, we believe that education is extremely important, what percentage of millionaires referenced in the book hold college degrees?  Advanced degrees?

  1. What would be some of the ideal occupations for millionaire’s sons and daughters that are represented in the book?

  1. What is the formula referenced in the book to determine if you’re wealthy?

Discussion Forum 3 Mutual Fund Project

Please select your mutual fund and enter the ticker symbol into, all of the answers to these questions can be found on the Morningstar website.

Please answer all of the questions:

1) What is the name of your fund and what is the ticker symbol?

2) What is the fund’s investment strategy (i.e. large cap stock, small cap stocks, technology, etc.)

3) What are the funds past 1, 3, 5, and 10-year performance returns?

4) What is the fund’s appropriate benchmark?

5) What are the fund’s fees and expenses?

6) What is the fund’s 3- year standard deviation (risk) of the fund and do you think this is a good estimate of the risk going forward?

7) What is the mutual fund’s top 5 holdings?

8) What sectors is the fund overweight and underweight compared to its benchmark and category average?

9) Why did you select this mutual fund for this assignment?

10) Calculate how much money you would need to save every month in order to accumulate $250,000 in 15 years using the 10- year track record of returns from your fund as I/Y.



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