Food Insecurity Presentation

Create a PowerPoint presentation of 6-8 slides (not including title and reference slides) to a target audience about food insecurity issues exacerbated by climate change and (urbanization) population growth. Use your knowledge of biostatistics and epidemiology to consult the relevant research literature to support and describe the cascading effects and risks to human health related to climate change. Follow the format outlined below to ensure that you include relevant information. Each slide should not have more than 15 written words and can include images to emphasize your message. Be sure to include references to support the principle points you are making, and use your own images or cite the sources correctly. Please include voice-over narration in your presentation to ensure thorough coverage of the subject. Your presentation should be between 2 minutes 30 seconds and 3 minutes long so that it could be shown in a health department waiting room or similar environment.

The presentation slides should include:

  • Introduction to your targeted population and stakeholders

  • Description of the crux of the problem

  • Statistics and epidemiologic constructs that indicate unsustainable patterns

  • Impacts of population growth and climate change

  • Description of collaborative strategies that would be effective in bringing about a positive change

  • Description of at least two interventions to improve the nutritional status of the target population (Include the impact on measurable indicators such as low birth weight, growth retardation, school performance, and mortality)

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