GEB 4890 Identify a critical problem about Starbucks and develop three strategy alternatives

You are asked to (1) identify a critical problem that Starbucks faces, (2) develop three alternative strategies for addressing that problem, making a recommendation for which one of those three strategies that Starbucks should pursue. Specific instructions are provided below.

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PARTI: Identify a critical problem this section is worth and it should be about one to two paragraphs in length.

1. Identify a critical problem facing your organization. Try to frame this problem in terms of strength, weakness, opportunity, or threat

• For example, “A critical problem facing USF is how to deal with the threat of budget cuts imposed by the State of Florida”

• Be specific in describing the problem and why it is critical to your organization

PART IIDevelop three strategy alternatives this section should be between five and seven pages in length.

1. What do you see as plausible strategy alternatives to the critical problem you identified in Part I? Describe at least three alternatives; each should be discussed in detail and address different stakeholder perspectives.

• Your strategy alternatives could take the form of the 11 general strategy types we discussed in class (horizontal integration, product development, etc.), but they do not necessarily need to take this form.

• For example, “The first strategy that USF should consider to address the threat of budget cuts is to increase tuition revenues by developing new degree programs. This constitutes a product development strategy.”

• How would each strategy alternative affect stakeholders such as employees, shareholders, and customers?

2. What would be the implications of each strategy alternative? Describe any ethical implications associated with each strategy.

• Consider the implications of each strategy for local and global communities, including things like working conditions in the supply chain, environmental concerns, etc.

3. Which strategy do you recommend and why?

• Of the three strategies you developed, recommend one and thoroughly describe why that strategy is preferable to the other two.

4. As implications of your recommended strategy, what are the actions needed in the next year for each function in the company: Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Technology, Operations, etc.?

• Describe how your recommended strategy would impact at least three functional areas.

All parts should be double-spaced, using 12 point Times New Roman font. Please be in DOC or PDF form,

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