Health & Medical class

You have been assigned a topic according to the first letter of your last name. Please identify the topic assigned to you below. For each topic, find a health science example of it in a published research study or news article. Explain your assigned concept and relate how your topic is used in the example. Please post a response of at least 150 words to the topic. Your required follow-up replies should have at least 75 words each. Please format any references in APA style and include a citation for information that you paraphrase or quote. (Please note: You may wish to use the Library to find your example for this Discussion Board. A librarian is available should you need assistance.)

Topic 1

(for last names beginning with A–H): Standard Error

Topic 2

(for last names beginning with I–P): Confidence Interval

Topic 3

(for last names beginning with Q–Z): Statistical Significance

Although not required, it is recommended that you plan your reply posts so that you reply to topics that you did not cover within your main post.

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