ITBS4000/ITIS401 – Human Computer Interaction


In this project, student should apply the principles of Human Computer Interaction to in the system of their choice. Based on User Center Design, analyze the requirements of the system, categories the requirements and create relevant personas, scenarios and use cases. Use HTA to analyze the different tasks of the system and create prototypes for the Interactive system following the Universal design principles, accessibility and usability guidelines.

Project Parts

PART 1: Project Title and Objectives

Students can propose a new website/mobile app or any interactive device models to any of the domain of their choice. Following are some categories:

  • Fun Learning for Special Children who are physically-challenged

  • Food Order from different restaurants through App/website

  • Design of Coffee Vending machine

  • Security door or locks

  • Or any interactive device or website or mobile app

Submit the title, project title and a brief description of the mini-project. Also, list the objective of the system.

A link in E-Learning will be available to upload these details.

Part 2: Analysis

  1. Requirement Analysis

Analyze the different requirements of the system including functional, data, social and environmental requirements

  1. Personas

Analyze the users of the system and write two (2) to three (3) personas. Include one persona for a user with disability.

  1. Scenarios

Write two (2) to three (3) scenarios for the system. Link the scenario to the personas

  1. Use Cases

Write the Textual Use Cases and draw the corresponding Graphical Use Cases for the all types of users on the system

  1. Task Analysis

Draw Hierarchical Task Analysis and write the corresponding Textual and Graphical for all the major goals of the system



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