Java Question

Problem Overview
In OOP we model our problems using objects that we can manipulate. To create and use
objects, we need to write classes. Classes are a sort of a blueprint that describes the properties
and behavior of the objects we want to create.
In this assignment we are going write classes representing Characters for RPG games similar to
World of Warcraft and others. Our game will have different kinds of Characters and Attacks. We
will use Inheritance to reduce duplicated code, allow for easy expansion of the game’s base
characters (and attacks), and explore polymorphic behavior.
In a real-world scenario we would also be leveraging the concepts of Interfaces to write the
code. We will see interfaces in the near future; however, because we are a little behind in the
schedule we will not have interfaces on this assignment.
After you finish this assignment, try to answer the following questions:
• How difficulty it would be to add a new type of character to the game?
• What code do you need to change to add the new character?
• How difficult would it be to implement our game without using inheritance?



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