Leading Discussion (Arab Human Rights System on The United States of America)

Article 1
The present Charter seeks, within the context of the national identity of the Arab States and their sense
of belonging to a common civilization, to achieve the following aims:
1. To place human rights at the centre of the key national concerns of Arab States, making them lofty
and fundamental ideals that shape the will of the individual in Arab States and enable him to improve
his life in accordance with noble human values.
2. To teach the human person in the Arab States pride in his identity, loyalty to his country,
attachment to his land, history and common interests and to instill in him a culture of human
brotherhood, tolerance and openness towards others, in accordance with universal principles and
values and with those proclaimed in international human rights instruments.
3. To prepare the new generations in Arab States for a free and responsible life in a civil society that
is characterized by solidarity, founded on a balance between awareness of rights and respect for
obligations, and governed by the values of equality, tolerance and moderation.
4. To entrench the principle that all human rights are universal, indivisible, interdependent and



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