Literature Question

Hi everyone, ladies, gentlemen, and everyone who identifies as non-binary gender. Today, I am going to have quite an exciting request to all of you willing to help: I need to write an essay on the Outsiders novel and gender equality. You will have to analyze the novel and the themes of social and gender inequality in it. I imagine you can start with analyzing the book itself and then shift your focus to the gender equality issue. You can write about the historical background of the issue, maybe something about how people of different genders are treated in modern society, or how organizations like UNICEF address the issue.

I know that gender equality is no longer just about biological men and women. The issue touches so many other people who identify as neither male nor female or identify as both or identify as different genders depending on how they feel, and all of these people need their rights and freedoms, and as a civilized society, we must find a way to reach equality for all people regardless of whether they are heterosexual or non-binary, homosexual, trans, queer, and all.

Honestly, I have no idea if there’s anything about gender equality in this book because I did not read it. All I know is that it is a coming-of-age story that has something to do with gang wars and violence. Anyway, the professor told us to write something about it, and I trust your creative talent to do exactly that. If there’s something on that issue in the novel, cling to it and write as much as you can, if there’s no such thing in there, just figure something out, draw some thin lines between the book and gender equality and go from there. All goes, as long as you touch on these two major points.

I want an essay that describes the issue talks about the Outsiders by Hinton, gives my opinion on it, and maybe touches on something like the historical background of the issue. Actually, you are free to turn that essay in any direction, just remember to talk about the novel and the gender equality issue. I do not want any gender bias or anything expressed in it, so I would really appreciate it if you guys keep an open mind.

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