Management Question

Read the HBSP Lee Kum Kee case (see above) and prepare a 2-3 page analysis with your responses to the following questions. Your writeup should be single-spaced, Times New Roman 12-pt font, with 1-inch margins — and submitted as a Word doc.

1) Are there any elements of governance missing in the Lee family governance system?

2) The eldest members of the fifth generation have taken up leading governing roles. What do you think that leaves for the younger members of the fifth generation? Is it fair? Does it have to be? Explain your reasoning.

3) Should Sammy and David eventually combine the two vision statements to make one combined vision, or keep them separate? Explain your rationale.

4) How should Sammy and David incorporate G5’s point about celebrating diversity and the individual as well as the collective — and create a system that reinforced “extreme balance” and could continually adapt to changes?

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