Management question

you must be an expert in ms project to handle this work. You must follow the instructions of the work. This work needs to be revised as stated by the professor. this is his message “”””” The intent of Part II of this assignment is to present an actual project plan for a project that is to be implemented. Many of the comments result from the presentation providing only a general discussion of a project instead of a detailed project plan.

I also uploaded the PDF with his comments in yellow sticker notes. I put a sample below of what his comments look like inside each PDF”””” that is the section you need to redo. i have attached zip files with the original work and original instructions, pdfs with commends from the professor, and competency 1 work. when you read the original instructions and commends of the professor in the pdfs you will understand what needs to be done. PLEASE READ THIS GUIDANCE VERY CAREFULLY. The company to be used in the work still remains ORACLE don’t include your new company in the work

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