Marketing Management: MGT201

Assignment Questions:

  1. Think about the various soft drinks that you know from the local market and chose any 3 out of that (g. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, 7-Up, Mirinda Citrus, Saudi Champagne, Shaani, Sun Top & Sun Cola, Lemontia, Rani Pulp Drinks etc.). Critically Examine how do these various brands position themselves in the Saudi market? (2 Marks: Minimum 250 Words)

  1. Suppose you wants to open a new restaurant of your choice in the local market. Based on the chapter concepts, critically Examine the following questions.

  2. What are some secondary sources of information that you might use to conduct the research on potential new locations? Describe how these sources might be used?

  3. Describe one method that you may use to gather primary research on prospective locations.

  4. As per your understanding which kind of research you should make first? Why?

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