Mechanical Engineering question

Homework expectations
Late homework will not be accepted. The solutions must be submitted according to the following
Include this assignment sheet as the first page of your report (but don’t include PDFs of the
Textbook pages attached to the end of the assignment for your convenience). Present your work in a
neat and orderly fashion. When appropriate, your solution should follow the 7-step procedure
described in class (1. Problem statement; 2. Assumptions; 3. Diagram; 4. Governing equations;
5. Solution; 6. Check answers for reasonableness on physical grounds; 7. Discussion if needed).
Calculated results should be 3 or 4 significant digits. Intermediate values should be 4, 5 or better, to
reduce round-off error. Answers should be underlined or boxed and with units. To receive credit for a
given problem, you must show all of your work leading to the final answers.



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