MILH355 World War I

Choose any one question below:

How well did the war go for Austria-Hungary in the first two years, 1914-1915?
How widespread was Russian support for war?
What was actually good about trench warfare?
How did airplanes change fighting initially?
What weapon helped the French hold off the Germans at the Marne in 1914? (why was it so affective?)
How did contemporaneous German weapons of the era compare French?
How did the new style of warfare and communications change the roles of generals?
What sort of miscalculations did the Germans make at Verdun in 1916?
How was the British strategy at the Somme a compromise.
What were the British and Germans’ respective naval strategies in the North Sea?
How did the [naval] blockade impact Germany?
What factors blocked constructive diplomacy in this phase of the war?
What sort of challenges faced the allied governments by 1917?

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