Nursing writing question


Introduction paragraph that grabs the reader’s attention. There must be a thesis statement that tells reader purpose of paper and what will be discussed.


Describe your participants. What are the inclusion and exclusion criteria?  How will participants be chosen (sampling technique)? How many participants you plan to include in your project? Identify the setting, and describe the environment where the project will be conducted.


What do you think are going to be the outcomes from the strategy(s) you choose to implement? Provide a rationale for your selection of outcomes.

In Assignment #3, you identified best practices that may impact the practice problem or issue. What do you think are going to be the outcomes from the strategy(s) you selected to implement for your quality improvement initiative (I am including the (s) behind the strategy because some of you may have more than one best practice that you are going to use)?  Provide a rationale for your selection of outcomes (you will need more than one outcome; try to think of at least 3 that are appropriate). You will need to report reliability and validity for at least one of your outcomes. Therefore, you may want to choose a “latent” variable as an outcome. These variables are something that you can’t see (think pain, quality of life, anxiety, depression, patient satisfaction, etc.). You will have a course in outcomes measurement and program evaluation so this is by no means an exhaustive paper. Our goal is for you to start thinking about what outcomes would be appropriate to use to evaluate the effectiveness of your program. Make sure your outcomes are measurable and relate directly to the evaluation of your program. See the AHRQ website given in the resources section of this unit for some helpful guidance.

Data Collection Methodology and Measurement:

What are your ideas about how you will measure these outcomes?  What data collection methods are you going to use to measure the outcomes you have selected?  Will you use qualitative or quantitative methods or both to measure the outcomes?  What kind of instrument or measurement methodology will be used?  What is the validity and reliability of the instrument(s) you have chosen?  Provide 1 instrument that would be appropriate and share the validity and reliability. This tool must measure something and must already exist (you cannot create a data collection tool for this section). Please describe how the validity and reliability were established. Do not just say that it was good. HINT: there is often a statistical test involved. For reliability think test/retest, internal consistency, or inter-rater; validity can be construct, content, or one of the criterion related validities.



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