Physical Chemistry


This is a Physical Chemistry II related work. The work needed is scheduled for Wednesday April 7th; 10:10-11:05am EDT.

[I believe the questions are going to be provided to me 5 mins early (10:05am EDT) if that happens, I will share immediately.]

Note: I will provide the book as a pdf file and I will also provide practice questions.

What is included:
Rigid rotor, angular momentum, hydrogen like atoms, electron spin and approximation methods.



1. Prior knowledge of the material.

2. Answering one question at a time and sharing. (*please do not ask to do them all, then share as one file; usually that does not end well.)

[I will provide all the questions and I want you to start on one and share then go to the next and so on. Please just relax and answer as much questions as you could, I will probably do half the questions myself.]

3. Having clear handwriting that can be read easily.

4. Not sure about an answer please don’t share it. I am looking for quality not quantity.

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