Policy analysis on the social problem Veteran Homelessness

In this section, you are analyzing contemporary solutions to the problem with a focus of Federal or State policy. You may also find that there is not a policy to address the problem area. In that case, you should reflect on why that might be, according to what you discover in reading about your problem area. You also will analyze the existing policy (or lack thereof) in this section. In analyzing we look at pros and cons, how it has helped, how perhaps it may be harming etc. Research your policy area to provide credible evidence-based support or criticism of the policy options you are analyzing. (Legislative policies are laws or ordinances created by elected representatives. Regulatory policies include rules, guidelines, principles or methods created by government agencies with regulatory authority for products or services. Organizational policies include rules or practices established within an agency or organization.)

1.Describe the current policy/law/procedure(s) that addresses the problem.

2.How does this policy differ from the earlier solutions?

3.Were there social, political, cultural, economic, organizational, and environmental influences underlying the response(s)?

4.Who/what groups were designing/defining the response?

5.What were the roles of public (government) and private entities?

6.Describe the role of the policy with respect to service delivery.

7.Based on scholarly evidence, why was this policy chosen to address the problem?

8.What have been the challenges or issues related to implementation of this policy? Based on your analysis, are the current policies effective/ineffective in addressing the problem? Analyze outcome research.

9.How did these responses help to promote Human Rights and Social, Economic and Environmental Justice and or eliminate the oppressive structure related to this problem?

10.What was social work’s role in response to the problem? Incorporate NASW’s Social Work Speaks into your analysis.

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