Professional and Ethical Issues in Engineering

Project 2: Global Case Study Investigation.  The final project embodies much of the material covered in this course.  For this project, you are required to understand and apply the ethical and professional responsibilities of engineers, the Sustainable Development Goals that serve as a “blueprint” to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, and the application of critical thinking to assess scenarios for ethical, legal, and professional obligations in real-world and community or regional situations.

Final reports (10-15 pages excluding title page and refs, 12pt font, single-spaced) will consist of the following:

  1. A detailed description of the case study (see in assignment description linked below);

  2. The role that engineering practitioners play in providing a solution (design and strategy) to the case or contributing to the identified problem;

  3. A list of stakeholders including a detailed description of the challenges, benefits, and potential solutions of your assigned stakeholder;

  4. “Lessons learned” section that may change your original understanding of the case study.

  5. Reflections on the conduct of professionals (politicians, engineers, scientists, business owners, etc) in the case study; and

  6. Thoughts on actions you would want to have taken if you were involved.

  7. Your finished project should include at least 15 references.



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