Programming class

Design a code to be implemented on the FPGA that solves the following problem:

Imagine a parking garage with a gate. The gate allows cars to enter; however, the driver must pay or have a permit for the gate to open. To eliminate car congestion in the garage, the driver can also know which floor to park in. Assuming there are two floors: first floor has 8 spots and second floor has 8 parking spots, write a code that will open the gate and display the spot and floor number from weight sensors in the garage parking spots. If the garage is full the gate will not open. Conditions:

To reduce congestion, parking must be filled in order

display number of parking spot on seven segment

Display the floor on LEDs

This code should be in Verilog and must work on FPGA.

I am also using vivado for programing if that makes a difference. and Basys3 FPGA.

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