Programming question

Please complete the following 2 exercises and let me know if you have any questions.

1. Visio Diagram (License workflow)

a. Using the steps below, can you create a visio diagram that demonstrates the process?

i. A Child Care provider submits an application from the Entity Portal to a worker for the Department of Education

ii. The worker then reviews that application and validates various items on the application and will either approve or reject

iii. If the application is approved the user is directed to complete a required training program

iv. Once that provider completes this, they will then send this information back to the worker

v. The worker then reviews this content submission

vi. If everything is in order, the worker will create a new License ID and send it to the Provider

2. UI/UX Design (User Account Profile)

a. Using the information below, can you create a screen layout that is user friendly

i. As part of the application design for our new site, we want to develop a screen for the User to maintain their profile information

ii. The business does not have any specific requirements for this screen as this will be an entirely new feature for the site

iii. Some items that would like to see on this page are:

1. Person’s Name

2. Address (Physical and Mailing)

3. Contact Information

4. Picture

5. Personal identification (like SSN, DOB, etc.)

6. Company (and information)

7. Position title

iv. The user will need to be able to edit these items. However, some items they will not be able update (like SSN)

b. Feel free to use figma, Visio, PowerPoint, or any other program you are comfortable with

c. Currently our project is using for our UI Mockups

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