PSU Constitutional Protection of The Environment & the Human Rights Discussion

More and more constitutions around the world – from Bangladesh to Bolivia, and from the Philippines to the countries of the EU are explicitly protecting environmental rights and the values of a clean and healthy environment. Most of the world has undergone a rapid and remarkable shift toward constitutional protection of the environment. Every year since 1971, at least one nation has written or amended its constitution to include or strengthen provisions related to environmental protection. The first broad provisions focusing on protection of the environment appear in the constitutions of Switzerland (1971), Greece (1975) and Papua New Guinea (1975). Portugal (1976) and Spain (1978) were the first countries to recognize the right to live in a healthy environment. Today, more than three quarters of the world’s national constitutions (149 out of 193) include explicit references to environmental rights and/or environmental responsibilities.

Please analytically discuss the above statement by providing case and practical examples from the constitutional protection of the environment. Academic journals and books should be used to support your work.

Words limit: 800 words. 

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