Psychology Question

Autobiography: — The sexual literacy journey history is an analysis of the development of your “sexual self”. It should attempt to answer the question, “How did I become the sexual person I am today?” by considering your own development as it relates to the developmental issues discussed in class and by considering what has influenced your beliefs, attitudes, values and behavior in the area of sexuality and intimate relationships (e.g. parents, religion, culture, media, peers, experiences).

It is not the case that one needs to have had intercourse or be currently sexually active in order to be able to write this paper. It is also not necessary to disclose any personal information beyond what is comfortable for you in order to write a thoughtful paper.

You may structure your paper any way you wish. Below are three possible suggestions:

Chronological — Important life events and experiences are related in chronological order and their significance to your sexual development is discussed for each event/experience. The focus should not be on the events themselves, but on how these experiences have influenced the development of your sexuality.

Categorical — Your paper may be organized around one or more themes, or aspects, of your development. Examples of developmental “themes” might be body image, self-esteem, sexual orientation, or some significant aspect of your personality (e.g. shyness, fear of intimacy). These themes may also be centered around the major contributors of your sexual knowledge or information growing up (i.e. parents, peers, media etc.) For each theme, discuss the significant life events and experiences, which have contributed to your development in that area.

Major Event — Sometimes a single event, experience, or relationship early in life can profoundly influence one’s sexual development. You may choose to discuss a major event or relationship, illustrating how it has influenced all major facets of your sexuality (e.g., your self-esteem, communication skills, attitudes toward relationships, family values, etc.). Your autobiography will be graded according to the quality of thought that is evident in your writing, and the way in which you demonstrate your understanding of the course material in a creative, developmental way. The experience of writing the paper has been variously described by students as fun, difficult, amusing, challenging, painful, and enlightening, but always an exercise in personal growth. A paragraph reflecting on your own feelings about what you’ve written makes a good conclusion to your paper.

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