Quality management 424

Quality management 424

  1. Define Stage : Product or Service Information: (for each point write 100 – 200 words)

  • Choose either product, service, or process to improve.

  • State the project scope, two objectives, and the duration.

  • Identify the project`s team (key stakeholders).

  1. Measure stage: (for each point write 100 – 150 words )

  • Use a process flowchart to identify the current process for your choice ( Inputs , action , outputs)

  • Choose a measurement for your analysis (Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, Ratio).

  1. Analyze stage (for each point write 100 – 150 words )

Based on your process flowchart and your desired outcomes, Define the Sources of Process Variation. (Causes of problem, or non-value processes)



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