Research & Summaries Question

Topic: Overharvesting in the Desert

Thesis: The Overharvesting and overexploiting of deserts all over the world has caused significant damage to the environment, especially water resources, natural resources, and plant life in the deserts. Unless solutions are brought in the next few years, more harm will continue to fall onto desert environments.

 8-11 pages, Double space, not counting the citations.

– FOLLOW MY outline which is attached and write the paper based on it.

– ((((((((((( I attached an example for the same topic, You will write a VERY similar one to it. Make sure you follow the example as much as possible but do not copy directly anything from it, If you take anything, PLEASE paraphrase but NO copy and paste))))))))))))))))

– NO direct quotes. You have to paraphrase

– Minimum of 10 sources, ALL should be from Google scholars and 8 of them need to be Peer-reviewed. USE the 6 sources in my outline

– Organism names: scientific names (genus and species) go in italics and common names are lowercase; family names do not go in italics but start with a capital letter.

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