Revisiting and Reflection on Worldview and Health Beliefs

Part 1: Think back to the section in each chapter where the text discusses the “worldview” of a cultural/ethnic group. Specifically identify how the worldview of this group affects their health beliefs, and subsequently how these health beliefs affect attitudes towards healthcare and healthcare workers. (Note: Specifically identify which chapter, which country, and which culture you choose). (5 points)

Part 2: Provide your own reflections from your own background, opinions, and world view. Discuss what worldview belongs to your culture. Discuss what health beliefs are common to people of your background. How does your cultural world view compare to what the book identifies belonging to your culture. (Note: Specifically state which chapter and what cultural identify you most closely relate to). (3 points)

Part 3: Discuss if you feel cultural differences are very important vs. somewhat important vs. not important, to reference to the individuals that are providing care in the healthcare setting, especially when compared to differences between individuals. (3 points)

Your answer should be a minimum of one (1) paragraph, contain complete sentences, answer each point posed, be grammatically correct, and well thought out and clear.

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