Shakespeare Question

Hello guys, I hope you all are having a great day! Because I am not. What bugles me right now is my essay on Shakespeare and his greatest works. So, I have to pick three plays by William Shakespeare, analyze them, and give my opinion on them. Don’t get me wrong, I know who he is, like England’s national poet and a great one at that, and that he was a true genius but I’ve never read a single play of his. I only watched that Romeo and Juliet movie with Leonardo DiCaprio but I’ve heard it was not really true to the source material, at least I hope Shakespeare’s Romeo wasn’t taking ecstasy and shooting handguns.

So, my problem is that I am not really into poetry and I have a hard time understanding it. Considering how complicated Shakespeare’s writing is, I find it nearly impossible to comprehend anything but the basic plot, and that is why I need your help. Reading poetry is not my thing at all, and every time I try, I end up reading the same section over and over for like ten times until I understand what in the world the author wanted to say there. Shakespeare is some next-level stuff for me, I cannot understand a single sentence in there, so I need someone who’s already read and understood at least some of his plays and can put together a decent analysis of those. You could also add an opinion on these works in like a paragraph or two; that would be great. If you read something like Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Hamlet, King Lear, or any other play, give me a brief analysis on research papers on William Shakespeare, like two or three, a brief opinion or personal reflection section, and that’s it.

Guys, I would have written that thing myself, but I have never read a single play by Shakespeare and I cannot write about something I have no knowledge of. I am sure there are lots of people who are more knowledgeable on the topic and those who’ve read some of those plays and are able to put together a decent analysis paper. I have great respect for the author and I fully acknowledge his incredible input in the history of literature, but there’s no way I am reading any poetry, so I really need your help.

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