Software Development

On an agile team, the tester’s role goes beyond merely tesng for bugs. One of the key responsibilies of the tester is to work closely with the Product Owner, ensuring that test cases
evaluate the needs outlined by the user stories. Idenfying ambiguity in the user stories and developing scenarios to meet the acceptance criteria helps ensure that the development
team will deliver the desired product. The tests that are developed could become part of the acceptance criteria for a story, or possibly another story in the Product Backlog.
Part I: Inial Test Cases
Develop a detailed test case for each of the three user stories that you submied in Module Three. Be sure to use the CS 250 Module Four Test Case Template to complete this
assignment. The first sheet of the template includes a sample test case for you to use as a guide in wring your test cases.
For each case, be sure to:
A. Include a descripve name for each test case.
B. Idenfy detailed steps that will need to be taken by the user to complete the acon idenfied in the user story.
C. Indicate clear pass/fail measures for each step.



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