Split Brain Activity

1. Explain what Gazzaniga et. al. discovered about the left and right hemispheres of the brain when the corpus
callosum was severed in patients suffering epilepsy:
2. Identify what each of the hemispheres of the brain “specialize” in, according to this article:
a.) The left brain:
b.) The right brain:
3. What might “the limits of extrapolation” as discussed in this article mean? Explain what this term means in
relation to this article:
4. What are “spurious findings”?
5. Explain what brain lateralization refers to:
6. Detail what Gazzaniga means that there have been “myriad” exceptions:
7. Where and how might “false memories” originate or develop?
8. Explicate how evolutionary psychology explains the narrative phenomenon:
9. After reading this article and considering other ideas you’ve heard about left vs. right brain, what do you think of
the idea that one of your hemispheres dominates you? Explain your response and whether or not you feel you
are dominated by the left or right “brain”:



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